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If pressed to really, really, pick a favorite studio in Hollywood, it would no doubt most definatly be United Artist.  Yeah - I know i am bias, yeah, true, my all time favorite entertainer, (Chaplin), was one of the founders.  More than that,(or maybe I should say less than that..I mean what could be greater than Chaplin being a part of anything??), it was a venture that put a middle finger up to big studios in Hollywood who had often sqashed creativity to suit their own standards.  It was four brilliant artists - who - in essance, created an environment where ones creative, & imaginative spirits could run rampid. 

Today, through the vision of four - United Artists (UA) is as well known as any of the majors .. is still aroud .. and still making films.  Four film pioneers .. who all at one time had their own studio - to make a premeire studio!!  Yes - it's gone through many owners, (what studio hasn't), but the name .. the brand itself, has infinate staying power!

For this - each of these four pioneers and innovators - have a page here to themselves .. click below to go there!!















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