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When I think - RICK MORANIS - I think -'Feed meh Seymour!! Feed me all night long!'​​ Haha!! 👍

I've worn my fair share of 'Little Shop of Horrors' VHS tapes out! That film was a FIXATION for me as a kid. It, with it's original ending.. (For those who don't know? There was an alternate ending..) The alternate ending was 'supposed' to be the films theatrical ending. However, after execs viewed the film? They didn't ask - they DEMANDED the ending.. In so many words - be changed.. At the least, with a happy one!! The result? The happy ending we all saw! In hindsight - thank God for those execs decision!! Had they left the ending the way they 'had' it?? Well?? It would've freaked my 'lil kid' shat clean out!! Here is the original ending.. Which now, though, I kinda like better (as an adult).. Haha! 









Eerie eh?? Anywaay.. 
​​Unless you were under a rock in the 1980s - you know well who Rick Moranis is..  Outside his role of Seymour in Little Shop.. Who could forget the kids getting shrunk in 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,' 'My Blue Heaven,' & 'Ghostbusters'.. Just to name a few. Mostly all of them were intended were intended to be 'B' films.. (all except Ghostbusters..) But with Rick doing them- they shot to 'A' film status. Studios loved a screenplay starring Rick, for that reason!! & so do I - for 'that' matter! FoSho'Nuff!  There was/(I guess 'still is') - a push on the interwebs to bring Rick back from retirement2.. 3.. Haha!!

​​ Interesting side fact: if not for fellow legend John Candy turning the part down.. Rick wouldn't have been in Ghostbusters. John stated he thought the part 'a better fit for Rick.' John Candy was a GREAT stand-up first lass kinda legend!! That said.. heres Rick's story.. 

​​Fredrick Allen Moranis, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 18,1953. Born into a Jewish family. He went to elementary school here.. with Geddy Lee (you see?). Frontman of the band Rush (ahhhh ohhh- that dude?? Kewl!! Rock on!)(Didn't know who da hell that was before 'the band' was menshioned.. did gja? I sho didn't!! ) Well then..  Anyway...


From all indicators -Rick was a curious kid, & would put shows on for his 'pets' in the backyard.. Lucky pets!! In school he was somewhat quite & reserved. He went to high school here. Upon graduating - Rick held several jobs until (by hook or crook), he landed a gig at a radio station, as a dj, in the mid-70s. He thought he'd found his niche & worked for 3 different stations thru the 70s.. As the 80s rolled in? So did Rick's acting skills.. & finally the world got to see what his pets already knew ;). The legendary Second City TV opened up, for another talent!! His buddy, Dave Thomas (already a cast member of Second City TV), had been friends with Rick for years & remembered his ol pal when the talent spot opened up, thus, was handed to Rick. He had to first talk Rick into it.. something that made Second City execs nervous.. but Rick accepted fairly fast.. Rick quickly cooled their fears, & gained immense popularity for his sporadic, uncanny, impersonations of Woody Allen & George Carlin to name a couple. Along with Dave Thomas .. Rick created a sketch called 'Great White North.' It was originally created in protest against government requirements for "identifiable Canadian content" in domestically produced television programming. It was quickly a sensation.. their characters, Bob & Doug McKensie, were eventually incorporated into a film called 'Strange Brew', which marked Rick's debut into film.

​After the film 'Strange Brew', Rick's rocket took off quick & swift.. 'Ghostbusters', 'Spaceballs', 'My Blue Heaven' (remember? Dickie? Haha), & the 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' series.. to name a few...Rick became an awesome legend in the process.. There's a quote on Wiki from Rick talking about the films he likes most.. pretty cool. 

​​He lives here, currently.. 

​ Sadly, in a sorta 'say it ain't so' type of news.. he has all but retired from acting. In an interview he said... 'I
nitially when my wife died (breast cancer in 1997), I was a single dad & time for filming - was not much. The break-time, turned into a longer break, and a permanent break eventually!"   The story of his wedding - is pretty cool within itself.. He was invited to a party that Steve Martin was throwing, & that turned out to be his wedding!! Haha!!

He has mentioned & according to web guru imdb.. He is working on several projects behind the scenes. You can read more about it at his official website 

Rick became a legend for good reason.. Very FEW, can take a role intended for a 'B' film, & make it an 'A' film!! 

​Wanna see Rick with his son? His handprints?? Tat?? Absolutely!!

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