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“Even though I haven’t been connected with huge hits, I’m very proud of my track record. And I’m grateful that I haven’t been typecast. But what’s frustrating about this industry is that you’re as good as your last project. The experience you have isn’t necessarily cumulative, which is why the need to prove yourself never stops." ~ Delroy Lindo

I first saw this fella in 'Get Shorty.'  GREAT film btw - if'n you haven't seen it!!!  I do bo-leeve - if I'm not mistakin' - it is playing for 'FREE' right now on YouTube.. (God bless that site!!)  Then there was 'Gone in 60 Seconds.'  WOW!  I was hooked on Delroy!!  I realized after seeing '60 seconds', this guy could play ANNYTHAANG!!

Delroy George Lindo ​​, was born November 18, 1952, in Eltham, London, UK.  He was raised in London's Lewisham district.  His desire to act began in childhood, when he was in a church nativity play.  He would go on to grow.. eventually forgetting the desire he had until one day he saw a production of William Shakespeare's "The Taming of The Shrew" on PBS television.  I'm getting ahead of myself though..

When Delroy was 13 - his parents split & Delroy and his mom moved to Canada.  Age 16?  They moved to San Francisco.  He went to & graduated from high school in San Francisco.  Theen - there was that 'Taming of the Shrew'.. At age 24.. Delroy entered The American Conservatory Theater (ACT) school, in San Fran.​​- studying acting, obviously excelling from the getgo!!  Twas the same school as fellow legend, Don Johnson attended.  Lindo graduated in '79....

He made his film debut while still studying at ACT.  As debuts go??  You really couldn't ask for a better one, than alongside legend, John Candy, in the 1976 film "Find the Girl."  This was followed up by "More American Graffiti", in 1979 - the same year he'd graduate ACT.. He was 27 with 2 films behind him & fresh outta college!!  His desire to act, was STRONG as EVER!!  Though acting in film was a GREAT experience - his TRUE passion was acting in 'theater.'  So was legends Buster Keaton & Sir Chaplin!!

Thus??  He took 'some time' off to be more involved with "theater stage acting" - & dove in!!  'Some time' turned into 10 years..  I have heard there are night & day differences in 'film' acting - vs 'theater' acting.. Mainly due to environment.  There are different approaches to being with the rather 'small' audience of a cast and crew on a set, with an audience you never see during performance.. Versus a BIG audience of the public on a stage.


Lindo debuted on "Broadway", in 1982 with a production called - "Master Harold, & the Boys," to RAVE REVIEWS!!  This followed other performances on 'Broadway,' & a Tony nomination.  


He made a leap back into film in 1989, with the release of the Sci-Fi film, "Salute of the Jogger," alongside Rutgar Howard..  The film became a CULT classic amongst moviegoers..  This followed several films by Spike Lee..  Lindo has amassed a nice like spice resume!!

Currently - Delroy lives in this delish sweet posh pad - in Oakland, Cali!!  ...Annddd thanks to Google Maps??  We get this aerial, showing a bit more detail.. Equipped with some sweet solar!!


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