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Dr. Seuss
Hollywood book writing legend

Dear ol' Dr. Seuss  was born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Lived here..  For those who do not happen to know - he was a writer of children's books, and was quite a pro!  I'll bet you knew that though, eh?  I, myself, am NO Seuss.. but I try.. FoShuess!  👍

His books have inspired countless numbers of folks in this world and countless films which makes this bookworm, a true - HOLLYWOOD LEGEND!

From the beginning Dr. Seuss was a very intelligent  individual. (his dreams HAVE come alive  in the youth costumes of today!) Dr Seuss is famed for writing about a particular Cat, but when choosing a pet himself, he seems to have preferred dogs (not JUST as a kid but) he was a lifelong dog owner..


His mother often used to chant melody rhymes to young Seuss as he drifted to sleep - and Seuss always credited his mother with his ability to rhyme so well.  He went on to graduate from Dartmouth college in 1925, where he was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the Casque & Gauntlet Society, and wrote for the Dartmouth Jack O'Lantern humor magazine under his own name and the pen name "Seuss." He entered Lincoln College, Oxford, intending to earn a doctorate in literature. At Oxford he met Helen Palmer (who would ALSO become a children's book author), married her in 1927, and returned to the United States without earning his doctorate.  According to friends, he saw what he wanted to do, knew he had the talent, and took siege of it!  Using the oddest  stuff for inspiration - I might add!! Different strokes for different folks.. FoSho

Even at this early stage, Geisel had started using the pen name "Dr. Seuss". His first work signed as "Dr. Seuss" appeared six months into his work. 


Seuss was his mother's maiden name; as an immigrant from Germany, she would have pronounced it more or less as "zoice", but today it is universally pronounced with an initial s sound and rhyming with "juice". The "Dr." is an acknowledgment of his father's unfulfilled hopes that Seuss would earn a doctorate at Oxford. Geisel also used the pen name Theo LeSieg (Geisel spelled backwards) for books he wrote but others illustrated. (yada yada yada.. I felt the need to include it!)

As World War II began, Dr. Seuss turned to political cartoons, drawing over 400 in two years as editorial cartoonist for the left-wing New York City daily newspaper, PM. Dr. Seuss's political cartoons opposed the viciousness of Hitler and Mussolini and were highly critical of isolationists, most notably Charles Lindbergh, who opposed American entry into the war. Some cartoons depicted Japanese Americans as traitors, one of which appeared days before the interments started. Some have taken these cartoons to reflect his own negative attitude toward the Japanese people, while others have taken him to be presenting a parody of others' attitudes. 


Seuss lived in San Diego, Cali, (La Jolla).. in this modest looking house - (modest "looking" from the road..) ..An aerial proves looks can be deceptive , however 😂.

Following a very difficult illness, his wife, Helen Palmer Geisel committed suicide on October 23, 1967.


Seuss married Audrey Stone Diamond on June 21, 1968.


Seuss himself died, following several years of illness, in La Jolla, California on September 24, 1991.  Seuss had "commissioned" a quote by him, to be read at his funeral...

..But added.. "..please quote at my funeral....."unless", i get murdered..... Then it might be awkward"  ALWAYS the LIFE of the party..  


See his grave here - leave some non wilting flowers & leave a comment of tower proportions.

R.I.P., Dr. Seuss - your legacy is one of DEFINITE LEGENDARY standards!!  It will continue, too, via whoville, AND all attributes back to YOU!!   



Upon his death... On his star?  A fitting tribute.. Just a hat - from a cat! 


Recently - the news headline read...In New York - family & friends gathered to say goodbye to Katie Rough – a seven-year-old girl who was killed last month. She was brought to the church in a Dr Seuss coffin..  So SAD, a moment that indeed would make Dr. Seuss pause for a moment of silence!!

One more thing.. If ever in Springfield, Massachusetts - check out the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden...  A VERY fitting tribute - to one of America's FINEST legends!!  Here is their website!!

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