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I would advise anyone seriously interested in acting to study, train, and work as much as possible... You will know soon enough if it's the right avenue for you.
#KEITH COOGAN!!  Hell of a guy with a GREAT sense of humor!! If ever there was a kid born with an 'acting bug' fixated on the cheeks of their ass.. It's this one!!  Keith is amongst one, in the Hollywood royalty bloodline!  FoSho!!  He is the grandson of Hollywood's first prominent child actor,  Jackie Coogan. 👍 #NuffSaid!!  BTW - after reading Keith's story here.. Head on over to his grandfather's page; see and read his story!! 👍  Annywaay..  If you grew to know 'life' in the late 80s/ & thru the 90s.. as did I??  Then with Keith??  Really - no introduction is needed.  His face & name are permanently plastered and sealed upon the face & name of your childhood!!! 😉  First with, 'Adventures in Babysitting,' as Brad.. To 'Under the Boardwalk,' 'Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead,' as the long-haired, brilliant way of doing dishes, Kenny, to 'Toy Soldiers,' to making an appearance in Pauly Shore-or's 'In the Army Now'... His resume is LONG and STRONG, and right here, if you wanna gander it..  I am a follower of his on Instagram (and you can be too) - lotsa cool stuff on his feeds.. 
Anyhoo - without further ado ~ here's Keith's story!!
"Keith Coogan," was born Keith Eric Mitchell, on January 13, 1970, in Palm Springs, California.. His mom, Leslie Diane Coogan Mitchell, is the fusion to the family bloodline.. FoSho!  Keith was starbound from eaaarly childhood..  He began acting in commercials & landed guest starring roles on several television shows such as "The Waltons,"Little House on the Prairie," "Fantasy Island," "Mork & Mindy," "Knight Rider," "CHiPS," "Starman," "21 Jump Street," and "Tales from the Crypt." + a plethora more! 👍  I remember growing up - he made the rounds in 'BOP magazine' 'Teen Beat.'  Both magazines that, by default.. You just didn't read if you were a guy!  But - by night??  When you were alone?? 👍👍 ABSOLUTELY!!  😂  Ain't that some shit??  Looking back at the things you needed to do to seem macho in SCHOOL! 😂🤣  At a certain age, however, you just learn to say 'screw it,' I'll be me - you be you! 😂  Those magazines DID have some great stories in them!! 
In 1986, he changed his name to "Keith Coogan," (can't really blame him for that!!  If you have the family bloodline - LIVE IT UP!)  FoSho!!   
He graduated from Santa Monica High School.. (check their theater there!! VERY cool!  👍 No DOUBT - he's been here a few times!!! 😉
After graduating from there - he enrolled @ Santa Monica College, where he majored in Drama and minored in English Literature.  He also attended Los Angeles City College, majoring in Java Programming! 👍
He is married to Kristen "Pinky" Shean.. They were married on October 26, 2013, which would have been his grandfather's 99th birthday.  I just find that, SOO COOL!  BTW - I am a follower of her as well on Ista! (& you can be too!)  It's a GREAT adventure following the 2 of them!! 
Amongst THE BEST videos on w, 🤲... Keith, with his grandfather, Jackie!!  Per, the end  of the video.. He ABSOLUTELY did!!
Looking forward to seeing MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE of Keith in the future!!  Absolutely.. He has established himself as a Hollywood Legend.. Following in his grandfathers tradition!! FoSho!!  Visit his OFFICIAL website, here!!  See his grandfather's story, here! 👍 
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