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“You career is what you’re paid for, your calling is what you’re made for.”


#STEVEHARVEY!!  I don't really need say much more than that!  I have really NEVER seen or heard of a more clearer-cut human in all of humanity; born for the business of show, than Steve Harvey!  He is, himself!  And himself, is FUNNY naturally!  I have seen heard him speak about the hate mail he gets..  And I NEVER cease to think to myself.. "WHO on EARTH can dislike Steve Harvey!!  He's amongst the most likeable, loveable human beings that I have EVER SEEN!!"  Then it hits me.. There are those in the world (& I reckon they've UNfortunately ALWAYS existed.. Who hate you because they are jealous!  They want what YOU have but are NOT willing in a million years to pay the price that you have paid..  They'd rather sit on their muffins hating going NOWHERE in life!  They think VERY little of themselves; so, really, why would you think they are going to like ANYTHING about ANYONE else, when they can't even like themselves!!  It is a TRULY SAD REALITY of life, (THAAT?  And a comparison to him and Mr. Potato Head.. WTF??. It can be easy to forget there are folk like that amongst us in the world; but there it is!!  SADLY!!  MmBut and ANYWAYYS - back to the man of the hour.. Mr. Steve Harvey!!  Truly, an amazing human being; and the BEST evangelist I've EVER seen!!  He gets Bible-based facts (aka sermons), out there in such a non-traditional approach that people hearing it don't realize it was a sermon or that it was facts and evidence from the Bible.. But they walk away feeling renewed and energized; and really to take on life and ALLL her shitaki!  He's really THE BEST motivational speaker I think I have EVER heard!!  Just check out the w's to see for yourselfFoSho!!👍


~That said; & without further ado ~ here's Steve's story!~  😉👍

Broderick Stephen Harvey; was born January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia.. To great parents.  His father; Jesse Harvey, a coal miner; & his mother, Eloise Vera; a stay @ home very busy mommaThe family LOVED entertainment; as Broaderick (aka Steve), was named after named after actor Broderick Crawford of the TV show, 'Highway Patrol.'


When asked once in elementary school, for his class to write down on paper what they wanted to be when they grew up.. Steve wrote; 

"my dream is to be on television someday."  

When the teacher had the class stand up & tell the others what they'd written.. Steve stood up and professed his desire to be on television.  Upon hearing this the teacher brought him up in front of the class and ridiculed him in front of his peers, saying to him,

"Steve??  Do you KNOW anyone personally that is on television??"  

When Steve answered "no," the teacher sent him home with a note asking his parents to have him write something 'more realistic' on the paper.  When Steve's dad arrived home that night, Steve's mother told his father what had transpired.. His father's response was swift anger.. "What's WRONG with him wanting to be on television??"  His mother answered "nothing," but "to appease the teacher - he prolly should write something a bit more practical."

So Steve's dad called him into the room and said, "Steve, I want you to write something more "practical" down & take it to that dream killing huzzy of a teacher tomorrow.."  ***I HAVE TO SAY..Some teachers (sadly too many of them) get the complex; that THEY are RIGHT; And EVERYBODY else is wrong!  I think the whole, 'I'm an educator,' goes to their brains and gorges there!  I think I'd be wise SOMETIMES to just let kids be kids rather than try to for nonsense bullshit down them of their OWN opinions!   It's like the music teacher who told Elvis Presley to "go home because he couldn't sing his way outta a wet paper bag..." Or the brains that told Thomas Edison's mother to "take him home cause there is NO HOPE for his future!"  I think these teachers could learn a lesson about humility; and letting a kid, be who they want to be!!  ANYWAYS...

Steve's family moved to Cleveland, Ohio after Steve moved on from middle school, and lived here, on East 112th Street, which, in 2015, was renamed Steve Harvey Way... Steve attended high school here, at Glenville High School & graduated in 1974...

After high school; Steve bounced & wandered from a boxer, to an autoworker, to an insurance salesman, to a carpet cleaner, to a mailman, and to being homeless... He finally found his calling one night after accepting a friends invite to a comedy club.  Of that night, Steve recalls telling the friend that he was born!  And indeed; he WAS!!!  Since, he has skyrocketed to fame hosting his own show, Kids Say the Darnedest Things, & the EVER popular, 'Family Fued.'  His full looong resume click is here..

In between his television gigs - Steve is a BRILLIANT motivational speaker.. And regular MC at graduations all across the country..

resides in several locales around the USofA..  The home in ATLanta, the home in Texas, and in Bev Park; in L.A.

Steve, indeed, is on the television to stay; and for fans?  THAT is ABSOLUTELY FUNKY FANTABULOUS!  FoSho!!!  A legend, FoSho!!


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