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With his somber-to-mild on-screen persona... & a rubber-like fixture for a face - despite the often serious character on-screen... Matthau was a practical joker and a compulsive gambler... (HELLofa combo - much like vinegar and piss- BOTH compete [when mixed tug-uth-er] for MOST acidity... That's never a good combo.  The two collide like a ship hitting an iceberg - Matthau was both!  Walter Matthau held the dream by very hard work & unheard of determination.  He was already a legend by the 70s & an icon in the 80s.  Guys like Matthau, taught the rest of the film industry 'how to DO it to it!!'   

Wes says... Remember that?? haha ... LOVE that film!  Matthau had a sweet, long, and awesome presence in Hollywood!  He had an audience of admirers... Myself included!  I remember The first time I saw Walter - a brow beaten average guy with a tick for adventure.  Of course I'm speaking of the film 'Survivors' with the legendary Robin Williams I was hooked with the goal of catching every film with Walt and if I may say he brought care and if I may say he brought the car to a just to live in that Mr. Wilson and Dennis the Menace kid was absolutely awesome and talented as well mason gamble sad to see your pastoral with anyway if Walters legendary story...

Walt was born Walter Jon Matthau, October 1, 1920, in New York City.  The son of Jewish immigrants {mazel tov}- I love that Jewish phrase... That and shalom... This gentile will shut up now... Anyway - Walter had a great creative energy and imagination from an early age, but had no way to channel it. Often producing it through practical jokes- something that he continued throughout his life including the film 'Earthquake' - where he created the fictitious middle name Foghorn MASCHANSKYSKY for his on-screen credit  Obviously - his parents saw the fetish for jokes and a "chutzpah" of imagination energy... Enrolling him in a Jewish camp.  There he found the channel for his imagination and creative "chutzpah" through this Jewish tranquility camp.  Beyond acting - he would now channel is creativity and imagination through skits.  One such skit played out at camp that summer... what I'd give to havethat on the home video. Walter was hooooked on acting - and upon completion of camp he landed a job at a concession stand in this New York City Yiddish theater district.  He became involved in the drama department his high school. Walter became immersed in the New York/New Jersey theater scene... Where he'd remain even after graduating high school.

By 1951, Walter had a well-known stage presence in the New York acting scene - but longed for more!  He moved to Los Angeles to expand on his acting career.  He lived here.  He spent a few years on the L.A. theater scene ​​before being spotted by a crew member for MGM.  He hit the silver screen with his debut with the film, 'The Kentuckian.' The film would solidify his awesome persona for playing villains... Followed up by another villain role alongside Elvis Presley in 'King Creole.'​  Walter grew his passion for acting while developing a large amassed audience.  This is defined through his extensive resume.  Walter was amongst the first amongst a few who would become... 'The sell' for the films he was in'...

Upon hitting pay dirt (& at the time of his death), he was living here


Near legendary as his acting, was his continual habit of chain smoking and boozing.  The result equation??  Walt knew how to 'party hardy' - gambling along the way.  His weekends in Vegas gambling are legendary.  As habitual gamblers go, Walter was NOT your normal... He was actually pretty good at it.  As with any habitual gambler, however, his lifetime losses were extensive.  It is estimated he lost around 5 million in his gambling lifetime.  The life of partying was to catch up with him in 1966... When he suffered the first of 3 heart attacks.  MMmmYess - what I'd have GIVEN to party with Walter!!  Video cam and all would have indeed been very, very, sweet!  The third of the three heart-attacks he had - was to be the one that 'got him.'  

At the time of his death - Walter was dealing with heart disease, and colon cancer ​​that had spread to his liver, lungs, & brain - Poor fella!! It's not the fair way to die for someone who had spent his life entertaining a hungry world.  Vacationing with the wife in Santa Monica - he died of a heart attack on July 1, 2000. He was 79 years young!  After Walter's death, (his 2nd half in the entertainment world) Jack Lemmon, as well as other friends and relatives had appeared on Larry King Live in an hour of tribute and remembrance.  Was a great tribute - I remember that!

R.I.P. Walter!!  Hollywood will forever feel the loss of you!  Mazel tov!!  You can leave ​​your never dying virtual flowers and well-wishes here!

Walt's star??  Walt's siggy?  ​​Walt in clay? Walt made for a DEAD ON BALLS Einstein!!  His quotes were GOLDEN!!

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