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“Grantland Rice, the great sportswriter once said, 'It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.'

Well Grantland Rice can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.”


So, I am at the docs the other day and the first thing he said to me.. "There is a question I have been waiting to ask you.."  "Well.. ask?"  Said I.. "It's a quiz of sorts; WHO is the ONLY person to have their name on ALL 5 StarWalks of Fame??"  This confounded me cause I didn't know!!  After making several guesses and totally giving up..  He said, "Gene Autry..  Call him the ONLY 5 star entertainer.."  Uhmm.. While that is a nice cliche; I really can't say I believed that!!  And after studying up on ol Gene..  I can say I DEFINITELY DON'T BELIEVE THAT!!  In fact?  I'm honest!  This guy really just bores the shit clean outta me!!  Mmbut his work did no doubt tickle the shit outta some peoples fancy to bring about the legacy he did..  Being the ONLY FELLA to be on all 5 Star Walks of Fame.. A town, streets, & even churches named after him... SO he IS legend worthy, fosho!!  So I am doing a "QUICK" page on him for those interested..  Note I did say quick!  There is TONS of INFO elsewheres on him - I, here, am really just gonna stick to the basics.  I do wanna say though that, the process of getting a star that tourist on a daily walk all over the names of; then becomes less impressive when you know the process in place for getting a square on the famed sidewalk that spans 1.3 miles, and it takes more than just starring in one or two good films to qualify...  (Actually that's NOT a qualifier AT ALL!!  I've seen folks who have been in some MAJOR flops garner themselves a star.. 🤨 [jusst saayin']) 


Applications are considered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce - and once a year they meet to decide who is next to be added..  You must be a professional celebrity with proven credentials.. (So being a celeb in your heart; touching as that is; doesn't qualify you!)..  B You have to be nominated, ideally by an organization, or group (aka fan club; etc,, but in recent years the rules have changed concerning that and - a rich fan will do..)  Cindy Lauper hit the nail on the head when she sang, 'Money Changes Everything..'  Especially if'n you are like say; my dad, and practically worship money!! ((Cue the rolling of the eyeballs here 🙄)).. C CHARTER-WISE; aka written on paper..  Candidates have to be famous for at least five years, and have “unchallengeable" expertise within the television, movies, radio, live theatre and music industry according to Vin Di Bona, Chair of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee for 2016-2017 (what a job).  Tho that is what the CHARTER says; as said earlier, and is not always the case. 🙄  D You have to actually WANT to have a star..  OBVIOUSLY a NO BRAINER.. But the Chamber needs to be sure you actually WANNA have your name walked upon by tourists worldwide..  In truth; celebs such as Al Pacino, Julia Roberts, & Dustin Hoffman.. Have said, urhm - "Danke Schoen", but NO thanks!!  And Eda shat-kicker clincher.. Raise at least $30,000..  As said... Rich fan, perhaps??  That'll DO!!  All star applications carry a $30,000  sponsorship fee’ once accepted. Half goes to the Hollywood Historic Trust, which maintains the Walk of Fame, and the rest funds the creation of the star.  The fee for most noms is nominal ((pun intended, fosho)), considering the over the top salary they are shaking and raking in!!  FMake sure your name has not been taken.... This rule is laxed if indeed, there IS, another matching name on the Star Walk..  As for an exampler; there is in fact two Harrison Ford’s on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – one; an actor famous for appearing in Star Wars; and an American silent film actor who first appeared in cinema in 1915. Harrison Ford #2; didn't care to have 2 Harrison's on there..  And G...  IDEALLY; you ought to be able to ATTEND your star placing!!  However, #BarbaraStriesand (aka #HuzzyifthereEVERwasone), was an exception to this rule. She failed to appear when she was awarded a star in 1976, after she'd agreed to make an appearance - reportedly 🙄; this was due to her being uncomfortable with the big crowds.  Atta girl!!  SOUNDS good enough!  To be FAIR - her star should have been revoked; to be HONEST - it shoulda never been CONSIDERED in the first place!!  (O'course; that is IMO!!) 🙄..  And finally H, You can reapply for a star on the Walk of Fame as many times as you want!  So - If at first you don't succeed, garner 30,000 more George Washington's, & try, try, try again!  ANYWAAY; kinda got off topic there; SORRRRYY... 🤨

GENE AUTRY; aka; Orvon Grover Autry came sliding into the world on September 29, 1907, in Tioga, Texas... A fact they themselves are VERY proud of in that small ol town..

His grandfather was the pastor at this Methodist church..  

He grew to know life in this modest house on the Texas range..  In high school, the family would re-locate to this ranch in Oklahoma..

Gene held down jobs at the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway, where he periodically sang 'just to be sangin'.. FoSho!  His talent at singing and playing guitar led to performing at local dances.

As soon as he could save money to travel, he went to New York. In the fall of 1928 he auditioned for the Victor Talking Machine Company, shortly before purchase by RCA..

Not long after, (mere months), Gene found himself singing on Tulsa radio station KVOO (now KFAQ),  billed as "Oklahoma's Yodeling Cowboy". Under the RCA/Victor label.. 


Gene signed a recording deal with Columbia Records in 1929. He worked in Chicago on the WLS-AM radio show National Barn Dance for four years, and with his own show, where he met singer-songwriter Smiley Burnette. In his early recording career, Autry covered various genres, including a labor song, "The Death of Mother Jones", in 1931.

Gene made his film debut for Mascot Pictures Corp. in In Old Santa Fe as part of a singing cowboy quartet; he was then given the starring role by Levine in 1935 in the 12-part serial The Phantom Empire. Shortly thereafter, Mascot was absorbed by the newly formed Republic Pictures Corp. and Autry went along to make a further 44 films up to 1940.. His resume his long & schtrong!!

Gene purchased the 110-acre Monogram Movie Ranch in 1953, in Placerita Canyon near Newhall, California. He renamed it the Melody Ranch after his movie; of the same name..

Autry retired from show business in 1964, having made almost 100 films up to 1955 and over 600 records.. 

His home is here, in L.A.; and this one in Palm Springs, Cali..

Gene died of lymphoma on October 2, 1998, three days after his 91st birthday at his home in Studio City, California. He was buried at the Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery & is here..  His epitaph read, "America's Favorite Cowboy, American Hero, Philanthropist, Patriot and Veteran, Movie Star, Singer, Composer, Baseball Fan and Owner, 33rd Degree Mason, Media Entrepreneur, Loving Husband, Gentleman.. I think there were a few more titles in the mix but the engravers ran outta room! Psshh!  

Leave your non-wilting floral arrangements; and comments for ol Gene, here! 


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