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The FAMED Hollywood Star Walk of Fame!  If you have a favorite star that has been in Hollywood any amount of time now-a-days..chances are they have a famed star on the walk.   Some should have a star, and some should not, all depending who you ask I guess.  Usually, according to how much of a star the star named on the star walk star is, mass respects are paid accordingly on that stars star on the star walk when the star dies. That simple!! 👍

The walk runs in length at nearly nearly a three-and-a-half miles down the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, (past the old Columbia Pictures Studios) on Gower Avenue to La Brea Avenue and then heads north on Vine Street between Sunset Boulevard and Yucca Street(s).   Depending on the route you take, you will either start or end your walk over the stars, here.  If you plan to take the, 'whole stroll'  down the Walk, it might be a good idea to start early in the day so as not to be disturbed by the night-shift workers.  If your looking for a particular star, you can find it here.  

The Hollywood Walk of Fame started as a result of an idea by a fellow named E.M. Stuart, in 1953.   Upon presenting his idea to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, they dug it, and the process of 'a plan' was set into place.  Four groups were formed, representing the four different sections of the entertainment industry.  They were motion picture, television, recording and radio.  A VERY IMPRESSIVE line-up was chosen by The Hollywood Chamber to represent those groups.  They were Samuel Goldwyn, Jesse Laskey, Walt Disney, Hal Roach, Mack Sennett, and Cecil B. DeMille...among others!  A list of up to 200 was presented per week.  Included in the lists ... awesome legends such as Burt Lancaster, Joanne Woodward, and Charlie Chaplin.  In the end, sadly, Charlie didn't make the cut.  Charlie had gotten into some rather rough waters during that time period.  He had become more vocal in his films with his leftist views.  Sadly, some of his views were seen as commie, and thus drew protest in many cities by many movie patrons.  Negative publicity of any kind was not tolerated among his fellow studio heads in Hollywood in those days. (NOTE...this is my opinion as to why he didn't make the cut) Thus, Charlie was ousted from the vote to spare a negative view to the industry, in a project that, was about promotion.  It was sad too...woulda held to be very cool to say he claimed the first star nowadays.   Anyhoo... back to topic.

The lists were narrowed down to 8 stars to be laid first.  Olive Bordon, Ronald Colman, Louise Fazenda, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedwick, Ernest Torrance, and Joanne Woodward. They were revealed in a formal ceremony on August 15, was set to begin later that week.  Two lawsuits would put the brakes on the project.  One filed by a group of residents objecting to the property on which the walk was to be built.  The second, by Charlie Chaplin, Jr. for excluding his father. (atta boy!!)  Ultimately, the court would rule in the city's favor.  Unfortunatly, court decisions suck ass sometimes!  You really can't blame Charlie, Jr. though.  On March 28, 1960...the first star was laid on the walk ... the name?  Stanley Kramer.  1,558 stars would follow and it was publically certified by the city in 1961.  Upon the breaking of a mechanism that plated the names on the stars, another star would not be laid for 2 years.  More and more stars laid..then more..then more.

Charlie Chaplin would finally get his star in 1972, (about 60 years late).  

In 1978, city of Los Angeles declared the Walk a Historical Monument.  

The Walk took on new life when Johnny Grant was granted a star in 1980.  He was offered to take the load, he accepted.  He became synonymous with the Walk.  Nowadays stars are still being laid on the Walk.  The Hollywood Commerce only announces the details of each event about one week before it takes place, so that's the best place to find out where, who, and what star will be laid next??  Find out in the Chamber's faq page.

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