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Jerry Lewis

What a guy, what a guy, what a guy! Jerry Lewis ... all kids with muscular dystrophy WERE his kids.  SO SAID HE!  At one time, those are DAYS GONE BY, nowadays.. & so is he - but LEGENDS LIVE ON FOREVER!! FoSho - here is JL's story...  

Jerry Lewis was born Joseph Levitch on March 16, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey.  (Born at exactly 12:15pm EST...for those interested).  Jerry was born into entertainment, as both of his parents were entertainers.  Jerry saw, and liked the bright lights from a very early age.  By the age of 15, young Jerry was already honing his very own comedy act. At 18, he met Dean Martin and the pair teamed up to become arguably the best comic duo in entertainment history. Producers at Paramount Pictures signed the two men to a film contract upon seeing them perform at the Copacabana. For the next ten years, Lewis and Martin made 16 movies together, sandwiched between their numerous nightclub appearances and television bookings.

In 1956, Lewis signed his own film deal with Paramount for 14 films over a seven year period. He began to direct, and soon started his own company, Jerry Lewis Productions. Over the following 15 years, Jerry Lewis Productions was the most successful production house of its time, churning out countless hits including The Bellboy, Cinderfella, The Ladies Man, The Nutty Professor, The Big Mouth, Three On A Couch, The Patsy and Which Way To The Front?

Jerry lived here, in Palm Springs, California.  From the front..  Looking inside??

And HERE, in Las Vegas..  Upstairs, Side view, Study/Living/Downstairs, Another angle ... I LOVE REALITY!!


Every year, from Labor Day weekend of 1966, to  May 1, 2015, Jerry appeared on television for MDA. The first year, Jerry quickly caught the public’s attention — and raised more than $1 million in pledges.  It was a project that came from his HEART, & NOT who he was!!  I think it's mandatory here to say that Jerry is truly ONE HELL OF A GREAT GUY!

Jerry will ALWAYS be a true and genuine Hollywood Legend!!  He was a TRUE legend in his own time!!











Speaking of the "Nutty Professor!" Remember the PROFESSOR?😂

Claims he was thrown out of high school for punching out his principal who had offended him with an anti-Semitic remark. Then went directly into vaudeville. An episode of "Seinfeld" (1990) makes use of plot point based on Lewis'(alleged) real-life strategem of secretly leaving an audiotape recorder running in a briefcase he intentionally leaves behind him in meetings to see what some people may be saying about him.

He was a GREAT family man!!  Father of 5 sons with his first marriage. Adopted daughter, Daniele, during his second marriage. 

Had open heart surgery in 1983. 

Underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 1992. 

While contending his birth name is Joseph Levitch, official birth records show his first name to be Jerome. 

Jerry took his last name from his actor-father's stage name.

In Italy, Lewis has been given the nickname 'Picchiatello' (which means something like "nut" or "crazy").

I'll never forget seeing Jerry for the first time - in his film "The  Nutty Professor".. He supervised the Eddie Murphy remake!
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