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I wrote to Don in 2002... This was the result!  SUPER DUPER GUY!!  I was blown away.  (You'd be remarkably surprised how many celebs WANT the celebrity.. But don't want the responsibility of the fans!!  Folks, if YOUR a celebrity??  Fans oughta be your TOP responsibility - for without them??  Your just another floozy to the studios that roll your pockets!!  Let that trickle in your mind abit, Kardashians!!  Kanye!!  🙄  I never seen someone lobby so hard for their own star, & discount the very ones who could give it to you!!)  I been studying Don awhile!  He has a persona that PULLS you in!!  Don is amongst the NICEST- DOWN-TO-EARTH guys you could ever meet!  ALWAYS cordial!! Even to the paps!!  Thaat's something to say nowadays!!  I am FAIRLY shore - I will be soon, be doing a story on Don's Daughter..Dakota Johnson... she is QUICKLY rising to legendary status..  As a kid??  This guy was the shhh'IT'... If you were a girl - your locker was likely to be PLASTERED with Don Johnson pics.  If you were a guy - you liked Don Johnson in secret only... (aka- only close friends or parents knew!  That was "IT!!", & ALL...AND PERIOD!!  Outwardly - we hated Don because it wasn't us in our girls locker... SECRETLY?? We wanted to BE him!! THEN??  He released a record titled, 'Heart Beat.' I liked it... ALOT!  From that point on? I emerged from the darkness!! 😂  No longer a 'closeted' Don Johnson fan. I was loud and proud about it. 

Lesson learned to from that. It ALWAYS makes life easier to come on outta the closet with stuff, from the get go! For 'MY' coming out liking Don, was followed by other boys coming outta 'their' super sized closets - who, too, liked him. The things we do as human beings (especially in elementary school) have never failed to boggle the mind. Don is (and always has been) a GREAT talent and HUGE plus for the Hollywood industry!! Over the years - I have developed a HUGE appreciation for Don's talent. No matter what he does - he makes it look good! Amongst the COOLEST memories I have of childhood are a BIG boombox I had & bringing it onto the school bus... Cranking it FULL BLAST to Don Johnson's 'Heartbeat' album. Bless my bus drivers heart & ears. He never told me - NOT even once - to turn it down... Or off even. I've always figured he hadda (or must've been) grooving to Don... Inside, somewhere! FoSho! 


He's a HELL OF A family man!!  A lil worried about his daughters turning 16, & driving for the 1st time!!😂  But HELL of a family man, nonetheless!!  Pictured here singing to then, lil daughter, Dakota!

Here is HIS story...
He was born Donnie Wayne Johnson, on December 15, 1949, in Flat Creek, Missouri. 


According to a cousin - he was a 'SPURT' kid!  Going thru spurts of either misbehaving - or on his BEST behavior - but never an in-between. They lived in MO until Don was 6... When they moved to Wichita, Kansas. Don was always a fan of film, by his own admission...


High school here, would give him a chance to test the waters. He was cast in a production of 'The Hullabaloo.' He loved it and virtually 'threw' himself in the schools theater program.  As a senior - he attained the lead of 'Tony', in a school production of 'West Side Story.'


Upon graduating - Don enrolled at University of Kansas... Where he studied theater & film for a short time before relocating to San Francisco and studying acting at the American Conservatory Theater.  His first 'pro' role came, not in the form of screen, but stage.  He was cast in the lead role as Smitty in the Los Angeles stage production of 'Fortune & Mens Eyes.' It was directed by pal, Sal Mineo.. Don put on an EXPLOSIVE show... Which led to mad publicity... And his 'screen' debut in 'The Magic Garden of Stanley Stewart.' It contained.. MORE than a 'little' nudity, just sayin' 😉..  This was followed up by three other B-movie films. 


While Don appreciated the experiences he was ready for more... The small parts he was obtaining here or there, or B-movie rolls he was delivering - was leading to nowhere & he could see it. Don would continue struggling for a break into the 'A-list for years.' He was determined... Always holding out for television over film roles - but open to ANYTHING to bring him notoriety. By 1976 - Don had a little notoriety, but was still on the search for BIG notoriety. Then?  Tragedy. His roomate & pal, Sal Mineo, was gunned down, right outside the West Hollywood apartment they shared.  Sal was set to be 'BIG.' Already nommed for 2 Oscars - and had co-starred alongside James Dean as 'Plato', in 'Rebel Without a Cause.'


My buddy Scott has a VERY COOL write-up on Sal at his site. Check it out!  Anyhoo - it was amongst the sadder events, to grip Hollywood's succulent history! 

Don continued to struggle on in to the early 80's with an aggressive foot in Hollywood's selective door. That is until... KERCHANNGDon hit paydirt when he was cast as Sonny Crockett, in amongst one of the most notable shows of the 80s - Miami Vice. The years of struggle had paid off - in a nice way! It was a show right out of the 80s fashion changers, & developed a MASS iconic following... Some, even more than others.  The show began to be referenced in other  hit 80s shows.  Still TODAY... You cannot properly do anything comprehensive about the 80s without mention of, Miami Vice. The glitz and pomp were SOMETHING to behold!  Even if you had NO interest in the show (& most 'guys', SECRETLY were.. WEREN'T I mean) 😉 - the style peaked your curiosity.  I remember coming into a friend of mines home.. & his dad QUICKLY picking up the remote changing it..  Versace suits and Ferrari's.  Men that were vying to be cops because of the show, all hocked out, & quickly realized.. No cop can afford to live like that... Hollywood illusion, had STRUCK again!!😂  However... It 'did' bring a somewhat cool awareness to police officers nationally - making their job - a COOOOL job!!  I remember a friend of mines dad, who was a cop, coming to career day & ALL the questions being asked - were about the show!!😂 By the time his 2nd show in which he portrayed a cop came around - Nash Bridges - I didn't miss an ep.. Was LOUD & PROUD Don fan, & I proudly have the DVD set, in my collection! FoSho! 
He was a boxer... As well as being a talented actor - Don proved his talent reached beyond that of acting - into the musical relm. Hey yo: HE COULD SING!












His first album referred to at the beginning of this - hit the stores & radio air waves in the form of 'Heartbeat.' The song hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. He released a second album in 1988... In fact, on my bday - October 25, 1988... Though it didn't fare as well as his first... And to that he wrote... "I was very lucky with my first album. It did very well. The second one was kind of "uhhh". But that happens (so does shit!)." The last part in parenthesis - was added by mewahzatwah!  😉 Urhum.. He continued.. "With Heartbeat.. I wanted the record to be modern, tough rock and I think I achieved that on some level. I didn't want it to sound like something that other people designed and I just stopped by for a few minutes to do the vocals. And I made it clear to Walter that I would walk away from it if I didn't think it was credible. I was prepared every step of the way to throw it away and walk away."

Since the days of topping Billboard & taking to the streets in a Ferrari fighting crime.. Don has came along way!  You could easily say he has done it ALL.  He lives here, in this sprawling Santa Barbara estate (full-time) - & this Aspen home (part-time) ... Aaannd its rare when he is home at this Monceto, Cali home.. Which is why I guess he recently SOLD it!!

These days, Don seems to be reveling in the success of his daughter, Dakota... Who's headed full steam as a Hollywood legend herself.  As Don goeth, it'll be interesting to see where or what he does next... but whatever he does - you know it'll be good!! FoSho!​​

Let's face it!!  Don is invincible!!  He has staying power, & I am sure always will!


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