"I don't think I ever went down that movie star path. I always enjoy taking a 90-degree turn from the last thing I did."

When it comes to born, bred, & said Hollywood Legends - this fella is the sh'IT!'  To me?  He'll ALWAYS be an alien with magical balls to do.. Whatever the hell he wants!!  Me??  I used ping pong balls, golf balls, balls made of play dough, marbles (those were my favorite), and even dice!  I used to pretend I was Jeff, as Starman!  No telling how many exact I went through!  I CAN tell you - every tiny ball I could find, I used, trying to recreate those AWESOME scenes in Starman!  I still have some in my Starman collection!!  It remains one of my all-time ever films!  That film (or parts thereof) was filmed very close to my hometown of Chattanooga Tennessee... So upon being home once - I decided to make the trek to see what the locale looks like now.. Clicky to see!!  Jeff will 'always' be Starman, to me!!

Ain't that SO TRUE?!?​​

Yeah!! Jeff is amongst my ALL-TIME favorites - and a legend in his own right.. With that - let's get started... 👍

Jeff was born, Jeffrey Leon Bridges, on December 4, 1949- in Los Angeles, Cali.  Born into a line of entertainment...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


His dad?  Lloyd Bridges... Brother?  Beau... Mother?  Dorothy (Bridges) Simpson (the famed actress & writer.)  He grew up here... in this Holmby Hills home.  Pretties?? It orta be... Neighbors?  Walt Disney, Cary Grant, & Hugh 'the HEFF' Hefner, just to name a few.  In fact - I am sure that twas perfectly the norm to see 'ol Cary Grant walking the cat, fosho!   Just another day in this beauty-wood.. a neighborly day for a neighbor.. VERY nice neighborhood for a boy to grow up!! ummhmm!  His silver screen debut came when he was one and a half - in the 1951 film, 'The Company She Keeps.'  Jeff and brother, Beau, were also regulars on their dad's tv shows.  Jeff high fiving his dad, was a common sight I am sure!! ;) 

Jeff attended high school here.  ​​Upon graduating.. He moved to New York, where he joined The Herbert Berghof Studio, in lower Manhattan (inside the famed Greenwich Village)... To 'study' acting.Scenario?? K! uhmmm...


{Hullo!  I'm Jeff Bridges!!  Perhaps you know my dad Lloyd?!?  Maybe my mom.. Dorothy Simpson?? I just finished growing up in Holmby Hills (not far from Walt Disney?)  I was pretty much raised on a television/film set!?  I just graduated - hopped a plane & came here... Whaddya plan to learn from me?? I mean... ehuum.. learn me??!?} 


I mean - yah know - if it were me... That's what I'd say.  Anyhoo - on top of his acting - Jeff is a seasoned photographer... According to Wiki - He has been an amateur photographer since high school, and began taking photographs on film sets during Starman, at the suggestion of co-star Karen Allen.  Over the years... Jeff has taken many-an-interesting photos from the sets of his films... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.Jeff has also done work in the voice over realm.  Lending his voice to the documentary Lost in La Mancha, & also narrated the documentaries National Geographic's Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West for IMAX.

His resume is lengthly.. And is found here.  He currently lives here.. ​​​

For as long as Jeff is around (& even LOOONG after he is gone)... Folks?  This man is LEGEND, if ever there was!  FoSho'Nuff!

#JeffBridges ....​​​​


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