The name alone? LEGENDARY! In a BI-IG way! SO legendary - future dude Marty McFly uses it in a pinch... mmkay?  You know you have made it & are the shIT - when your name is being used to work in the industry YOU work in.. Thaaat's called 'the system'.. working for you!! FoSho'nuff!!  Marty McFly does & so does God.. in film anywho.. Clint is no doubt - a legend if'n EVER there was!!  No doubt - if his name itself hasn't gotcha... his legendary Dirty Harry quote SURELY has... made your day once or twice & maybe a thrice? Who doesn't like their day(s) made? FoShoNuff! As a kid - I desperately wanted his lovely 357 Magnum. HOW I LONGED to deliver to several folk the line...

YEeeAahh... Uh Huh..
​I know what you're thinking... 
​did he fire 5 shots, or six? 
And to be honest..(haha) 
​in all this excitement ...
​I kinda lost track myself...
​ But-
​ being that this is a 357 Magnum.. 
​THEE MOST powerful handgun in the world!!...
​​You have to ask yourself ONE question!!.. 

... ​Do ya???...

​​Ahhhh... yes.. yes! They don't make 'em like that anymore!! The Dirty Harry series, though? I have safely in my library & I watch when I wanna 'make MY day!' FoSho'Nuff! I love it! As ol Clint goes? If he is IN the film..  In ANNY form, shape, or fashion..  acting, directing, or producing.. I am-a-watchin'... FoSho! My dad is a HUGE fan (most especially of the Filo Beto series! Love me some Clyde!! Who doesn't? Let's just face it... Clint is habit forming ... kinda addictive! That in itself is obvious by how long he's been around! He is a Warner Brothers loyal royal!! A true legend Clint is - if ever there was!! So... without further ado.... 

Good 'Ol WARNER BROS faithful.. Clint was born on May 31,1930.. in San Francisco, Cali, as Clinton Eastwood.. (and he was a Junior.) The Sr., (papa), was a steel worker. Margaret Ruth (mother,) was an employee of IBM. Weighing in at a WHOPPING 11 pounds 6 ounces, he was dubbed by nurses as 'Samson.' Clint, Jr., was first in the line.. followed up by a sister 2 years after Clint was born. They moved several times, they finally settled, here... in Piedmont, Cali. Clint went to middle school here and was set to attend high school here(the friendly school - at least THAT'S their motto)... BUT - took his bike for a fun joyride (as you do) on the school sports field's lawn - ripping it up.. The friendly school didn't see the friendly prank in it & asked him NOT to enroll there - Clint ooobliged, and registered for school here - at nearby Oakland Technical High School. In high school, Clint was a lifeguard, checkout/bag boy at the local grocery (WHAT I would give to have, on cam, Clint saying 'paper or plastic?'... That'd be the shat!!), a fire fighter, and a (cringe) golf caddy. Acting wasn't on Clint's roster.. Though the drama teacher saw Clint's sheer talent after a play rehearsal.. and encouraged him to join them for school plays.. but Clint saw the invite as 'the dark side,' wasn't interested, and turned it down. 
Upon graduating in 1951... Clint enrolled at Seattle University but in his first year.. was drafted into the Army. He would serve his country and fellow man.... as a lifeguard! Oh, and giving swimming lessons. IMO - some lines frequently heard, no doubt, were... NO running in the pool area... punks!  AND "Someone wanna get this?  It's a pool not a restaurant!'   MMhmm yesum.. anywayyyDa Korean War was in full effect and Clint, to avoid being 'sent' to Korea - generously courted the general's daughter. Twas a smart move that worked to his benefit!  After the war, Clint continued on at Seattle U and was on his way back there when... near tragedy. He was in a Douglas AE Bomber when it crashed near Point Reyes, Cali. Clint was able to swim to safety and after 'near a year' at the University.. moved to Los Angeles.. 

Clint would give college one more shot.. enrolling here​. mmhmmbut quit to pursue acting after being spotted by a talent scout and introduced to a cameraman at Universal Pictures. The cameraman intro'ed him to a Universal director. The director (a top director at Universal, Arthur Lubin), had reservations about Clint - but gave him a shot. The reservations would be recounted years later by the director. 'He was quite amateurish. He didn't know which way to turn or which way to go, or anything. Beyond that, beneath the surface... I saw something there'... And so - the director told Clint to attend some acting classes & arranged that his contract be written up in 1954. Terms stated Clint was to make $100, per week. ($878, per week in 2015 standards.) Not bad for Clint's first gig!  The contract stipulated Clint was to be used on a 'as needed' basis. Turned out? He was needed in the 'B-movie' department. One of the directors of that department was happy to have Clint, but was noted in production notes as saying.. 'this actor should be in the main A-list film department.' Nonetheless - the B-movie department is where Clint would stay.. continuing to get B-movie roles, until..... 

KER-CHANG rang out!! Clint hit paydirt with a new television series titled 'Rawhide.' WARNING!!  The theme alone will take root in your head for daaaays.. mmbut if you 
SO dare??? Let'er'Ride!.... Now EVERRRYONE..

Now?  Back to Clint.. 

BTW: ​​Feel free to bookmark that song.  Speaking from experience - I can attest.. It helps with the withdrawls when your ready to stop the pain (usually day 3 of it going thru your head.. Sometimes day 2.. In rare cases.. 4).. But that's rare.. MMmkayy??

Clint shot to success near immediately (prolly the #theme-song-of-it-all - I'm just sayin')​​ Anyhoo- yeah.. 

Clint was to play Rowdy Yates, and he played it dern well! The show was a HIT with audiences. The theme alone was catchy... 'Git 'em UP - Git 'em out,  Git 'em IN... RAWWWHIIIIDDUH!!' I LOVE IT!!! (YES.. I do!)  (Cue THAT WHIP!)  


Rawhide made Clint a household name almost overnight. Beyond that - Clint grew as an actor.. playing in some small - some big film roles. Nearly ALL the co-star however. All along he was working on his 'own' script for the big screen... and it was set to be HUGE!!

When the 70's rolled in... so did Clint with a script for a new film. Indeed - it turned out to be HUGE! The result???

The line from it, 'go ahead, punk, make my day'.. was even used by fellow legend, Ronald Reagan (minus da 'punk') .Clint was to play a wrangling 'get-it-right' detective named Harry Callahan. Warner Bros. bought & ate it up, quick!! ONE thing can be said for Jack-ass Warner.. He damn WELL knew talent & a GREAT story when he saw it!!  In quoting Dennis Hopper on Jack Warner.. 'He was blunt, forceful, aannd you don't fuck with the boss!'  😂 it's true!  FoSho!!  Anyhoo- The 70's marked a time when Warner Bros. was revolutionized- by 'The Jack' (somewouldsayAss)  Warner... He personally saw to it that it entwined Warner Bros. redefining campaign. Call him what you will - but there is NO denying that Jack Warner revolutionized Warner Bros. in the 70s... and today - Warner Bros. remain the top worldwide entertainment powerhouse! Clint saw the enthusiasm Jack Warner had with this project... his first script he, himself, wrote.. thus, this would mark Clint's long tenure with Warner Bros., & to this day - has never made a film for ANY other company but Warner. Making Clint amongst the proud, the few, the elite, in the ranks of 'A Warner Bros Royal Loyal.' 

Clint's series of 'Dirty Harry' films made him a powerhouse & icon. Supplemented in the 80s with films such as 'Every Which Way But Loose, 'Any Which Way You Can, Heartbreak Ridge, Firefox, & White Hunter -Black Heart. Clint has carved quite a path for himself in Hollywood... 

He lives here
 - and still, active as ever, makes films. Now-a-days he more directs than acts... but nevertheless - is still churning out entertainment.. and 'each one'- 'just as good or better than the next.' Now in his late 80s - and better than ever. think someone on imdb.com said it best when they said - 'Perhaps the macho of movie stars.' ....AGREED 100%!! 

Wanna see his star?? I would too!  He doesn't HAVE one!! By HOOK or CROOK, howev, Ol Clint DOES have his handprints on display outside Grauman's Chinese Theater - & apparently THAT made his day!  FoSho!  👍


Neither Dem or GOP, but an Indie, stating 'I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative.

Was mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Cali (1986-88) 

The final installment of 'Dirty Harry' franchise - was called.. 'The Dead Pool.' The film starred a 'then' unknown Jim Carrey as a rattled rock-star... first on the Dead Pool list. Clint re-teamed with Carrey in the comedy.. 'Pink Cadillac.' 

Clint made a short cameo in the 1995 film, Casper.