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I really love making people laugh!  I don't like the negative of reality tv - the 'you're no good, so you have to leave, I choose you... but I thought you really loved me.' It's all about how bad people are and I just hate that. I like Pimp my Ride where someone is helping somebody.

His death announcement of this fella REALLY REALLY SUCKS and was QUITE the shocker!!"😖... It's one of those moments in life, that stops you in your tracks quick; but yet.. you just can't wrap your mind 🤯 around it!  WHERE?  HOW??  HUHH??  Were the questions in the mind!!  I will proudly admit that Full House was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.  Bob was a GIANT in talent!!!  A definite LEGEND!!  You just.. EXPECT, giants like Bob in entertainment, will be around as long as you are, at the LEAST!  Wishful & hopeful 'thinking.'  I saw Bob's standup on several occasions.. Faaar  from the character Danny Tanner! FAAAAAAAR from his character's squeaky clean persona in Full House!  Quite amazingly faar!The real Danny Tanner, would have DEFINATELY garnered the right to call Ms, Janet Jackson,, Janet.  (nasty fo sho) He was, quite dirty like a bad birdy!  Nonetheless.. when it was a LEGENDARY GIANT in TALENT,, wherever &/or whenever you saw him, you would definitely have a laugh!!  Have a smile for yourself if you have never seen his standup.. orr if you have!!  Still funny!  DEFINATELY PROVES - whether squeaky clean,, or dirty-birdy - talent is TALENT!!  And his was most definitely LEGENDARY and of GIANT status quo!  By the way.. For a MERE 400 smackers - you can OWN a signed BOB SAGET SIGNED FULL HOUSE PILOT EPISODE SCRIPT!!  How nice would THAAT BE, to have 400 smackers laying 'round 🙄!  SERIOUSLY!! 🙄

...But without further ado.. Bob Saget's story...

Bob Saget, came into the world as Robert Lane Saget, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 17, 1956..  He had Jewish parents, both holding jobs in an administrative positions, which would take infant Bob, into new territory,, moving to Virginia early in life.  There they would stay until Bob was in high school,, attending high school here.  Prior to his senior year, however, the family moved back to Philly, & he would graduate at this high school.  Bob had sisters as well!

Bob originally had his sights on being a doctor,, however, a teacher during his senior year, noticed his talent and rightly urged him to seek a career in films. 


His raunchy, staunchly cut-up, always having a joke father, Benjamin... you might say, was where Bob received the bite to enter into comedy scene.  His fathers jokes were nothing G-rated.. but rather "dirty & twisted, but packed a BIG punch of comedy".. as Bob later recalled, adding, "as a child, among my first memories of my dad's jokes, was when I was about 5 & lost a tooth.  As all young kids know.. lost teeth become money via the tooth fairy.. Yet - the fairy didn't show.  Upon telling my parents, my dad remarked, "but she DID come!  I saw the fairy myself,, & it came right on your pillow!"  These were the beginnings of life for Bob Saget!!  I can relate.  Not coming from my dad, but rather, my uncle John! 😋  Bob himself, not being a good Jew, would later attribute the start of his developing sense of humor not only to his dad.. But to being a rebel as a student at Norfolk's Temple Israel.

Bob attended Temple University's film school, where he created a few skits.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, he entered the University of Southern California,, but dropped out after just a few days.  He would later say in an interview, recalling that period, "I was a cocky, overweight twenty-two-year-old. Then I had a gangrenous appendix taken out, almost died, and I got over being cocky or overweight."  THAT'LL DO IT, fosho!  

In 1986, Bob landed a gig on the LA CBS morning show.  During this time, when not working - he was auditioning for a bigger role, "wherever he could find it!"  This paid off in a BIG way!  In early 1987, he was cast in a new sitcom called, "Full House."  KerChannng!  The sitcom grew in popularity & television power.  Bob was NOW a household name, playing the character of Danny Tanner on Full House.   However, the character Danny Tanner, was in a total left field of WHO Bob Saget was, or could relate to growing up.  But, he played the character to PERFECTION!  

In 1989, Bob became the show host for "America's Funniest Home Videos,"  & worked that gig, and the Full House gig, simultaneously.. And doing very well on BOTH!  


1997 - found Bob leaving his long running stint on "America's Funniest Home Videos,"  & in 1998, landed him directing his first feature film, "Dirty Work," starring Norm McDonald & Artie Lange.   The film NOW, is a cult classic.. In the day it was released however, it received, for the most past, negatory critical reviews, & negative box office results. 

In 2001, Bob took on another TV sitcom role in "Raising Dad," on the WB.  It was canned after only one season.  From 2006 to 2008, Bob could be found as host of the game show "1 VS. 100."...


His resume is extensive, and can be found here.

Wanna see the soundstage no. 27 that reared every episode of Full House??  Plaque??

He lived in this Brentwood, LA mega house with the wifey..  Seen here from a birds eye view.. 

This was his last tweet.

January 9, 2022, at about 4 p.m. (EST), Saget was found unresponsive in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.  The why is still a bit foggy.  Reports are, due to a confirmed skull fracture (fact), that he most likely slipped, hit his noggin on the marble bathroom floor in his hotel room, and managed to make it to his bed where he collapsed.  That is mere speculation on where the fracture happened.  Prolly isn't the case though, since the family has filed a lawsuit to block release of details surrounding his death.  Sooo.. we may never know the truth as to exactly how the fractured noggin came to be.


See the room @ Ritz Carlton, & bed whereon he passed??  (**this video is LONG and STRONG!  I have skipped to 7:20 into video, where room tour starts.

His funeral brought out the entire house of full..  Stamos & Coulier were pallbearers..  Along with longtime friend John Mayer.  Jodi Sweetin (aka Stephanie) was always my Full House fave!!  It was said to be VERY hard on her.  His grave was temp marked with this ID card.

What IS of a surety.. Bob's talent was through the ROOF legendary!!  His talent was legendary & he will be missed in Hollywood & the world!!

Click here to leave your non-wilting virtual flowers and a comment at his gravesite.

Want a tour?? SUURE!!

RIP #BobSaget

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